Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight for It!

See what I did there, segway into my topic post for today.

So this whole running thing started with the wedding, and I'm hoping it doesn't end with the wedding actually.

I've enjoyed it immensely, though I struggled keeping myself focused on running, and it became a chore starting the run, but when I got out there it got easier.

It was always easier to finish and push hard at the end, knowing I could finish and have a shower and feel good about myself.

I felt even better when I completed a big run, it felt like such a triumph.

Not only in my running and my ability to keep pushing and get through long distances now without stopping. I've seen a greater improvement in everyday activities.

Walking briskly up a hill or around the shops or having a busy day, I see the fitness improvement, as I remember back to when I would work up a sweet and start breathing heavy just by walking up the hill that I live on.

Being able to fit into clothes that 12 months ago I couldn't and more to that, I didn't think I would be fitting into it. The number on scale doesn't really fell like a great triumph, and I've been always thinking if I got down to 57 kgs then I be happy, that'd be my goal weight. But really I should have just been aiming to fit into my clothes again!! Its a better feeling then the number on the scale!!

Couldn't fit into this dress in January!!!

And that itself is great encouragement to keep on running. 


  1. Good for you! well done. I agree fitting into clothes is a much better feeling than the numbers.

  2. I'm coming from the blog of your sister to say Congratulations!!! Best wishes for a very happy life with your hubby!

  3. Great work, nothing better than getting back into your clothes!

  4. Hi Katie-Ellen! Just passing by to let you know I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! See here:


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