Friday, November 9, 2012


Oops, 9th day of November and only 5 posts to date.... My PLAN really worked out didn't it! :s

Haven't picked my camera up since Monday, and haven't posted since Saturday and its a shocker I even posted on that day!

This week has been pretty damn busy...

Sunday was church in the morning and over to my Dad's for a nice bbq dinner for chrissy.

Monday then brought with it a quite hectic day. Leaving home just after 9, hoping to save money on my trip to big sis Kylie's, I took the northern road, was a good run, until I got stuck behind a truck doing 70 in the 80 zone, grr. But I got there just after 10am.

I was heading out to Epping to have my makeup trial and Kylie was nice enough to come with me, leaving Kylies at just after 10 we made it to Miss Makeup by the appointment time 11. Perfect, I like being prompt, I'm known for having stress attacks if something isn't working well, or if I don't understand what's going on, if I can't figure something out, people driving badly, ok well I stress a lot, about most anything.. Really gotta get that one under control. Anyway...

Makeup trial done, looks amazing, thanks to my makeup artist. Then Kylie and I head over to the shops, play with Mia in the play area, which was so cute to see, then went and found Mia some shoes to wear on the day of the wedding (she's only just started walking so she wont always be wearing them... But to wear on wedding day with her pretty dress).

Them giving Kylie and Miss Mia a kiss I headed back home to them meet up with my friend P, who has a 6 month old of her own, and we packed her car full of boxes containing my bedroom, and we started on our road trip to Wagga. That was a long afternoon! But we made it thankfully!

The next few days was spent in Wagga, going to check out the house we will be moving into, driving home. Then Thursday went with my sis E to get her hair done for the wedding, and had lunch with A. Then travelled home to then be followed by a massive freak storm!

Kylie and A were both turned around when trying to come here for family dinner night, were turned around when trying to get through Ingleburn, one of the worst hit from last evenings freak storm.

Once getting to the last day of the week, with a busy weekend to come, the days a going pretty damn quickly. My bedroom is almost finished, the soon-to-be home is getting fixed up, my kitchen tea is on sunday and today there is 22 days to go till d-day! Woot

How's your week been? And whats your weekend looking like?

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  1. Hello from the Declutterbug vs captain Stingypants, on FYBF. I really hope your wedding is everyone you dreamed of, and that your marriage is full of fun and life :)

    1. Thank you so much, I'm sure it will be, and much more, looking forward to it!!

  2. Hi Katie - I've had a busy week too! Different kind of busy to you but enough that it has interfered with my blogging plans! Bah! How exciting that you are getting married soon. I really look forward to seeing the wedding photo's :-) I hope the day is everything you have ever wanted it to be. xo

    1. I can't wait too see the wedding photos and the day hasn't even happened yet!! The count down has been huge!! But so close now. Thanks for the well wishes! I'm sure I'll be updating lots after I've settled in my new life in a new town!

  3. Very busy week!
    Awesome that y have great friends to do stuff with though :)

    1. I'm very lucky to have such good friends who are willing to drive 5 hours with a 6 month old just so I can see my new house!!


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