Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Met with my reception venue lady today.

Plans are slowly coming together!

This is really happening. 

And its working out so well! Everything just seems to be falling into place.

I'm wondering if this means on the day everything is going to be terrible!

But alas I do believe God is guiding this and he's allowing this to all fall into place and what will be will be and I am happy with that.

As long as on Saturday I get married and have lots of fantastic photos to have as reminders of my day than that will be great!

During my visit out at Camden Valley Inn (reception venue), I snuck out the back (well not really snuck as it is also a pub that serves lunches so there was people there) and took some photos of the garden, though the sprinkler was on so I didn't get as many as I'd like but heres one I grabbed before I left.

Taken on Instagram
Hope your Wednesday hump day is chugging along nicely, 10 days till d-day now!

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