Monday, November 12, 2012

1. Kate Miller-Heidke

"I wish I had a river I could skate away on"
-River by Joni Mitchell

Yes I know its a Joni Mitchell song, but Kate Miller-Heidke did a version of it disc two of her 'Little Eve' album, and this is the version I remember.

This song will forever remind me of Pride and Prejudice, winter, blue sheets and blue walls, and being a teenager. 

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One of the things you learn when trying to study for the HSC is that music can help jog your memory when it comes to certain subjects. If you study to a certain song for each subject then upon hearing said song you will be instantly transported into the memory that accompanies that song, which would be studying for a certain topic.

Well this can be said with reading books as well, River and Pride and Prejudice will forever jog my memory of listening to this song whilst reading this book. I love it.

I love having that memory that instantly transports me back in time to a place where I felt most happiest when I was younger. It encompasses everything I enjoy and cherish, music and books (and my bed).

Now to the reason why Miss Miller-Heidke is my number one female artist.

She is a classical trained opera singer... And sings alternative pop music...

What else is there to say really..

The perfection and talents of an opera singer combined with the quirkiness and ability to not fit into a stereotype and do it so wonderfully.

A lot of people didn't appreciate her music like I did when I was growing up. But I love how she just sings songs about random crap, is pure aussie human, plus a touch of seriousness to even it out.

Perfect mix. 

You can't go pass an virtuoso. It boggles, dazzles, mesmerises, and stuns me to see the ability of someone so expertly and comfortable play their instrument. Opera sings more so than anyone as their musical instrument is their body, like an athlete it takes a lot of training and hard work to be able to be a singer.

Kudos to all the singers in the world! To the people who have impacted my life through their music. 

Thank you for providing the soundtrack to my life.
From google images

You can find numbers 10-2 here 

Showing off her quirkiness and aussieness "Southern Cross Tattoo''

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