Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stories Brought to Life

Being busy is slightly less boring than not being busy.

But it also allows for me to run through the weeks and can't figure out where 5 weeks disappeared.

I have my Nursing Assessment by simulation on Thursday, plus a science test on friday while trying to work 20 hours in the next three days... Somewhere I'm going to have to drop something in the next three days.

Recently it's just been about uni, working, and making trips to Sydney, and socialising, which takes up quite a bit of time. In fact it has been taking up all my time.

I haven't touched my cross-stitch or knitting or crocheting in a few days now and probably wont be in the near future.

I'm learning to make the most out of my days, to be productive and disciplined. Which sucks, but I guess that's a part of growing up, and God is teaching me all these things, slowly and with a bit of (well a lot of) resistance on my part.

Despite all the general busyness of uni, work and life in general, I have managed to pick up two books and read them. Both books by Francine Rivers, first was 'Lineage of Grace' and "Unfailing Love'.

The first was a compilation of stories of women in the bible, in a narrative form, subjective to what the author believed the thoughts and emotions were behind the stories, despite be subjective, as all things this way are, I do believe that she stayed at true the story as possible. It helped me to take the bible stories that I knew so well, the stories of Ruth and Naomi, of Rahan, and Tamar, Bathsheba and Mary, mother of Jesus. These ladies came to life through this story and became more then just symbols of strong women, because it brought their reality and their emotions and struggles and failures into a real, tangible, experience that I can relate to. 

It showed to me that it is not us that is the focus of those stories but the way God worked in them. He worked because these ladies new who God was, and they trusted in His never failing love that one day, whether what they wanted or believed would happen, it was in God's time, His impeccable time to know what we need instead of what we want.

The second story was about the prophet Hosea and the prostitute he married, it wasn't exactly like the other ones. This one followed the premises of the story of Hosea and the prostitute he married but in the 1800s and it follows a christian man who see's the woman he believes he will marry, walking down the street, only to be informed she is the most sought after prostitute in the area. It shows the never ending love and acceptance God has for us, Jesus gave us our freedom to be fully loved and forgiven by God, and this book shows that no matter how many times we leave, turn our backs on God, because we think it's right, God will always be there, waiting for us to return so He can love us again and we can love Him.

Anyway, they are great books and I really enjoyed reading them. Due to uni and work I've stopped myself from reading the books that I bought last week, one of which included the 'fault in our stars'.

Also if you hadn't noticed my blog got a make over a while ago. Thanks to my big sis Kylie who designed it and all kudos to her awesome ability!

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