Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Day That Was...

So as you all may have noticed I haven't been around the blogosphere much lately.

This has too do in part to the fact I have no internet, so I'm using a friends at this moment.

The other part is due to the fact I've just had a great upheavel in my life.

About a month and a half ago I survived, what felt like the scariest day of my life.

My wedding day.

Scary you say? Shouldn't it be super fun?

Well it was, after the ceremony.

So I'll start from the beginning.

My fiancee S proposed to me on my 21st birthday in September 2011, almost 14 months later, on the 1st of December 2012 we became husband and wife.

It was a long journey, and throughout the engagement period we witnessed 6 of our friends and family get married also. So it really was the year of weddings. During each wedding I kept thinking that mine was going to be horrible, I was going to forget something or I would fall flat on my face, and kept wishing my day would hurry up so I could get it over and done with.

So the morning of December 1st I woke up, not really understanding what was happening. I was up at about 8 or 9 (I can't really remember the morning is all such a blur). Had my shower and my sis E (also maid-of-honour) bought my maccas for breakky. I told her I wouldn't eat much but she insisted, the good sis she is. But to everyones dismay I did not eat breakfast... Or lunch, I nibbled on some bread but that was it.

After showers and sitting around for what felt like the longest hours of my life the hairdresser arrived at 10:30. She started with the girls, and then half way through that the make-up artist arrived and promptly did the girls make-up while I got my hair done.

Photo by Anna Blackman Images.
More photos to come.
 Nothing fancy, just lots of curls, pinned up a little at the front. Make-up, very plain and simple but effective.

Things were running along smoothly. But during this whole period of time I just sat in stunned silence. I barely uttered more that a few sentences that whole morning.

Later in everyones speeches they would reveal to all my basically catatonic state that I was in that morning. Got lots of laughs and I laugh as well, that morning I was not laughing though.

You may be wondering why I was in such a weird state, but many of you would already know. I hate being centre of attention and I was about to do something that was very me focused, I mean the wedding is really all about the girl.

My biggest fear was that I would barf or be sick at the altar, all over the pastor and my husband to be.

This was my nightmare, it made me mute, it made me stunned, it made me afraid of what I was about to do.

Once 1:30 rolled around things started happening quicker. The photographer showed up, I got dressed lots of photos were taken to take my mind of the big moment.

It was rolling around great.

And it went great. I got through my speaking bits without being sick, I spoke clearly, at least I think I did, like I said the whole ceremony is a blur from the nerves.

Another pro pic

I must state though that I was not nervous about being married, just the getting married part! I had to remind myself that I was marrying my best friend and had to remind myself that there was two of us apart of this and I wasn't going through this alone.

I walked down the aisle silently swearing to myself because I'd forgotten to put my veil on before walking down. The music was 'Space They Cannot Touch' by Kate Miller-Heidke, got too the altar and began the service.

Stood as close as possible to S as we sang our first song, Amazing Love, we continued into the bible reading from Ephesian and Romans (can't remember the exact verses but will find them and post them along with our vows as I enjoyed them so much), the Ps Fred went into his sermon and gave us a special present.

Then began the official part of the day, the important part, my speaking part :s

I got through my vows, I looked S in the eyes as much as I could because I was so nervous, we exchanged rings (photos to come) and then came the kiss. I wasn't as nervous about this part as everyone expected me to be. People kept asking, have you practiced the kiss and we hadn't, but it didn't worry me one iota like the speaking parts did.

The registry was signed, we sang "In Christ Alone" my favourite song, and then all was done.

It felt odd knowing I was officially married but not feeling any different.

So that's a run down of the ceremony, I will update (once I have internet) on the reception and any other things I can think of.

I will post photos, maybe next week on wednesday for wordless wednesday. Might have internet by then!

But today I will link this up with Thankful Thursday. I'm thankful for making it through my wedding without being sick from nerves and thankful to be married to such an amazing man!!


Mr & Mrs Lieschke

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