Friday, September 28, 2012

6. Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser is one of the finest singers and songwriters around, she hails from across the Tasman, a kiwi who's flown the nest to the big bad world of Oz and found Hillsong.

She's been singing and writing with them for a few years as well as making her own music.

She has three albums out, 'What do I do with Daylight', 'Albertine' and most recently 'Flags' and most notably her mainstream song 'Something in the Water'.

It wasn't until her album 'Albertine' that I really got into her music. I had never heard of her before, which is sad because I enjoy her music so much! 

It's rare that I find a good christian singer that I enjoy listening to and playing her music on the piano or guitar. 

My top three favourite songs by Brooke Fraser are 'C.S. Lewis Song', 'Albertine', and 'Hymn' a beautiful piano melody that I love to hear and play!!

As well as writing music for her own album Fraser writes for hillsong as well. And my all time favourite song to sing my lungs out to is a song she sings called 'Lead me to the Cross'

I leave you with a sample of her music. Have a listen and tell me what you think!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Quest

A Quest to read more books.

The List... of books that have been sitting on my shelf and need to be read!! 

Hope to have them all read by the wedding, and the big house swap!!

  1. What's so Amazing about Grace - Philip Yancey
  2. A Place Behind the World - David Hazard
  3. Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis
  4. Trace - Patricia Cornwell
  5. All that Remains - Patricia Cornwell
  6. Disappointment with God - Philip Yancey
  7. The Virgin's Lover - Philippa Gregory
  8. Bonhoeffer - Eric Metaxas
  9. Where is God when it Hurts? - Philip Yancey
  10. Case for Christ - Lee Strobell
  11. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
  12. Hating Alison Ashley - Robin Klein
  13. Sons of Encouragement - Francine Rivers
  14. Left Behind - Tim LaHaye
These are the books I shall try to read. I will hopefully keep you updated on my progress!!

7. Laura Marling

Sometimes it depresses me knowing the music I listen to now is made by girl people my own age or younger!!

Laura Marling is 22 years old, like myself, she plays guitar mostly and sings. 

She has an acoustic sound, indie sound, focusing on vocals, lyrics, guitar, melodies and blending music together without much in you face loud drum beats.

 'I speak because I can' is her second album she released a few years back. It's the album that introduced me to her dark lyrics and beautiful riffs.

'Devil's spoke' is one of my favourites, and I listen to it regularly.

Her latest album I enjoy, not as much as 'I speak because I can' but if you are going to check out her latest music, I recommend the track 'Sophia', it's one of my favourites.

If you like music by mumford and sons, she's been linked professionally (and rumoured, romantically as well), so if you like there music then you'll enjoy Laura Marling's.

I shall leave you with one of my favourites songs by Marling. 'Hope in the Air'

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, well, well

Well, it's the last 15 minutes of my birthday, it's my last birthday living in Sydney and my last birthday being a Miss B, soon I will be a Mrs L.

Well, I've been wondering, do you ever get used to getting older? Does it ever stop feeling like you shouldn't be the age you are, or that you had all these ideas of what you would be like by the time you reached a certain age and then you realise, you're nothing like that.

Well, I've come to realise that I'm just me, no matter my age, I wont be this awesome, responsible, independent, confident woman because I know me and thats not who I am. But that's ok and I've come to accept that. 

So I'll continue to age and believe I will be a different person when I've reached a certain age. But for right now, I am going to do all I can to make the future me proud of the present me, and thank God that I took the steps now to be a better person then.

If only it were all so simple as it is too write it!

So it's my Birthday!!

First day of Preschool.

In the hopes of not looking completely vain, I've come up with a collage to show the many different hairstyles I've had over my last 22 years. These are just a few and keep in mind, there were many, many more variations than what is shown here!!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012


So I'm getting married in a few weeks, (10 to be exact but who's counting) and I'm out of ideas.

I'm looking like crazy (actually todays the first day I've really been looking) to try and find ideas for centre pieces, guest book ideas and bouquet ideas.

Centrepieces - quirky, different, I want my guests to think they are cool and very much S and I. I've been googling and pinning and haven't found anything that really stands out to me! I don't want flowers and I love candles! Any ideas?

Guest Book - my friend had a station at her wedding where you could write a message on a stone she and her partner had found and they would place them in a vase and use them as a table setting at their home. Another friend had a quilt which family and friends wrote their well wishes on. I want something like this but not to steal my friends ideas. I'd like something that is practical I can keep for a while and be used as part of the furniture. Any ideas?

Bouquet - I'm looking into fake flowers at the moment, enquired online through a few companies, I hope to have my bouquet as artificial flowers so that I can keep them and use them as a centre piece or just decoration in my home for years to come. Any ideas?

So if you have any ideas, what so ever, you saw something on pinterest or experienced something going to a friend or family members wedding, please it would be very much appreciated if you could share and gives me some ideas to work with!!

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

8. Taylor Swift

Everybody knows Taylor Swift, and if you don't I have no idea where you've been living for the past few years!!

Normally I wouldn't chose someone like this to have in my top favourites... Being her so popular, commercialised and well sort of preppy.

But I am not void of ears and I do enjoy her songs, and I'm not snooby enough to dislike her just on principle. I give credit where credit is due, even if I'm not normally a fan.

Really, how can you not like Taylor Swift? Her music is fun, quirky, country and you can dance and sing really loud to it and not care.

She's tall, (like 6ft), pretty, down to earth, can play every kind of instrument, guitar, ukelele, and a hole car load of other instruments, she sings to convey her message in lyrics, lyrics that she wrote or co-wrote, not to show of her vocal ability with tonnes of licks and fancy shit that sounds like they're trying too hard.

I'm sorry, maybe I should hate her? No one should be allowed to be that good at everything....

But alas, credit where credit is due and praise where praise is due. 

She has a gift, whether others like her or not.

She's being herself, where allowing her music to sell its self and not relying on her half naked body to do so (though she did accidentally walk over a wind machine whilst wearing a flowey dress in one of her performances, embarrassing!)  like all her other fellow pop stars (not naming any names *cough rhianna cough*.

So if you don't like her music, that's fine, but you have to admit, she is talented and a blessing to an industry too ready to use sex as a means to sell EVERYTHING!

Okay, so this post took a while to be written. I lost my list of artists and forgot them all!

But never fear, (arhibald is here) I have already written the rest of my list, ready to be posted. 

So stayed tuned for number 7.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.
-Annie Dillard

Wordless Wednesday

Sam and myself after my friends wedding, just received the photos this week.

Enjoying the start of spring in my mums garden.

And the other side to spring, the hail storm that came this week

The beginning of the clean up, packing and moving, it's always messy when I start (or is it just always messy...)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bum Talk

Don't you hate it when your bum makes a phone call.

Stupid forgetting to lock the phone, I end up calling someone who I never call. Too later receive a call back from them asking why I called.

Too which I must reply, "sorry my bum did it".

Very embarressing!

And you're probably thinking it couldn't get much worse.

But wait....

Have you ever forgotten to hang up? 

Or rung someone accidentally and left a really long message of yourself having a conversation... Doing some washing? Or worse, going to the toilet?

Alas I have not had the last one happen to me but I have accidentally bum called someone and left a message of God knows what! Really God only knows!

Have you ever bum called someone?

If so, did they answer?? Or did you leave a really long a bad bum phone call? 

1 hour, 7 minutes, 24 seconds

1 hour, 7 minutes, 24 seconds

Thats the time I completed the 9km bridge run on sunday the 16th of September!!

7min29sec per kilometer!!

I'm so proud of this time! 

The time I did the 9km the weekend before I did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

I smashed that by 3 minutes!!

Thanks to CANTOO!!!

Next years goal is 1 hour flat!

My next goal is too run a half marathon.......

Yes that's right, a half marathon, 21km, the runs in May...

My sister A completed a half marathon this past May, if she can I can!

She's such a good motivator, makes it your choice, and if I want changes, I need to do something about it.

So lets hope I can keep the training for the run going by myself. A very big task!!

Starting with numbers, lets end with numbers.

25 days till my hens night.

54 days till my kitchen tea.

65 days till baby Mia turns 1!!!

74 days until my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love countdowns! (and lists but I'm trying not to be too dorky!)

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Cantoo team before the big race, me-far left sitting on wall.
Pic courtesy of a friend.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

PhotoADay Sept 1-12

Photo A Day
1. You, now
2. Father (with granddaughter M)
3. Far away (the storm never came!)
4. In the mail (my mail after I'd ripped it open)
5. Bright (orange flowers from mum's garden)
6. Everyday (the sun set's)
7. Natural (red flower, fresh from the garden)
8. At night (we burn candles)
9. Something you do most weekends (crochet something)
10. Black & White
11. Hero (Grandma & Grandpa)
12. Together (Sam & I)

I'm Thankful for the Past

"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
-Jeremiah 29:11

I am thankful for the past, and that it is in the past.

Looking ahead to my future I often wonder who I will become, in the context of what I'll be doing. As though my career will define who I am. But this isn't true. It is a part of you, and unless you make your career your every waking thought and action, then it is only a part of you as a whole.

The quote that titles this blog "Life is how you spend your days, how you live your life is how you spend your days", came about because I didn't really know what life entailed. Many people throw around the word life and it makes them sounds all philosophical but when asked what life is, they create some jumbled up answer that really has no point. 

When you really think about it, what is life? Is it the air we breath? Is it our birth? Our marriage? Our job? Have you heard the phrase, 'life is life' or 'that's just how life goes?'

Why is that? 

When looking back on their lives people will remember big moments that happened, marriage, children, or becoming the President, abolishing slavery, equal rights for women. They will define this as their life's crusade. And that's great; at the end of your life.

There are so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds that make life, life. I can't say in one sentence the life I've had so far. I'm still quite young and the majority of my life has been the product of other peoples decisions.

But I still live in each day, so what do I do with my life?

I struggled with this a lot as a teenager, and it's one of the reasons my faith became so strong.

What was I here for? What if I wasn't smart enough to be the doctor I dreamt about, or the actress who could tell a story with her eyes. What if I wasn't famous? If I'm not known by everybody then whats the point?

That's when I came to the realisation that this life isn't everything, thats there's more to it then just aspirations. Aspirations, desires and goals keep us going, focused, content, moving forward, progressing through the many hours and days that make our lives. But what does it all mean.

This post started because I was sifting through and organising pages from my year as an intern back in 2009 at Warrambui. 

I have regrets from that year, but I don't regret that year.

There's things I wish I had of done better in my life, in the days that made up that year. I should have been more proactive in my faith. You'd think a year of service and getting to know God I would have opened my bible a little more. You'd thunk huh.

2009 was a year to grow in my everyday being, create habits of forgiveness, when I did not want to forgive, cooperate, when I did not want to cooperate, work with others whom I did not want to work with. A discipline I will surely continue to develop but none as quickly as this year. I would have a huge disagreement with a housemate one night, then have to work in the kitchen with them the WHOLE of the next day.... You learnt how to make it about God, and not yourself.

As much as I resented some of my time at bui, looking back it's made me who I am, it's grown me in ways nothing else could, and equipped me to handle the little things in my days. 

Having said that, I am so glad it's in the past. It's always difficult going through something, but looking back, when the dust has settled, the chips have fallen, you see it wasn't so bad, you evaluate yourself in the context of the situation and you move on. 

You can't fix the past, you can learn from it, and next time you have a day where you just wanna hit someone with your car, remember this day, is your life. 

2009 Intern buddies with our co-odinator.

2 Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going.”5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” 
-John 14:2-7
Click this link to read the rest of Jesus promise  John 14

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

9. Regina Spektor

They'll name a city after us

And later say it's all our fault
Then they'll give us a talking to
Then they'll give us a talking to
Because they've got years of experience
Us by Regina Spektor

Fidelity is the first song I heard of Regina Spektors, and I loved it but had no idea who it was. Until a year or so later I heard the song again coming from a friends laptop, to which I jumped at the chance to get her name and song tittle, and I have loved her music ever since.

I love what this girl does with her voice!!!

I love that this girl constantly makes good music, doesn't change her style to suit the whims of adolescent teens in order to stay popular.

I love that her voice is different and she really just does whatever the hell she wants when she sings.

Spektors latest album

Her lyrics are fantastic, somewhat odd, quirky sentences amongst well worded ones. 

But I love most of all her individuality, and that her songs mean something. Not to the millions but to the few who listen to her songs and find a smile, some happiness and comfort.

This is how it works

You're young until you're not
You love until you don't
You try until you can't
You laugh until you cry
You cry until you laugh
And everyone must breathe
Until their dying breath

No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some
Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood
And walking arm in arm
You hope it don't get harmed
But even if it does
You'll just do it all again
-'On the Radio'

Friday, September 7, 2012

10. Ingrid Michaelson

"The storm is coming, but I don't mind,
People are dying, I close my blinds,
all that I know is I'm breathing now"
-Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson
I've been struck for ideas on what to write about, then I was listening to a song that brought back memories of lying in bed, reading Pride and Prejudice, soft music on and the pitter patter of rain on the tin verandah roof outside my window. These were some of the happiest memories of a somewhat depressive teenage hood.
So after shooting some messages to my big sis Kylie, I decided to do a list of my favourite artists.
Music means a lot to me, I love voices that are different, express different thoughts, maybe even controversial ones, but they are all still true too who they are, and I relate to that, I relate to having somewhat out of the ordinary thought patterns.
Number ten spot goes to Ingrid Michaelson.
One of the first songs I heard from Ingrid Michaelson was this song, 'Keep Breathing' from her 'Be Ok' album. 
It has stayed with me for a while now, the quote at the top, at the point in time I heard this song fit me so well.
"I want to change the world, instead I sleep" 
I felt it fit me because I wanted so passionately to make a difference in the world, and yet I slept in everyday till 11am or later and the greatest impact on the outside world was adding to the copious amounts of garbage.

In a way it revealed to me I wasn't the only one, I didn't have to change the world, at times all I can manage is too Keep Breathing and that will make a difference in the world I'm in. The world filled with my family and friends, and as long as I was here, that was me making a difference.
Michaelson also has a very unique voice, it's different and sweet at the same time. She is good with her lyrics and great with her melodies.
If you were to ever listen to a new artist, Ingrid Michaelson should be one on the top of the list.
Stay turned for more artists that have made a difference in my life. LOTS more to come!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So I'm moving soon, in less than three months.

I have to start packing my room up, but having only moved away once, with the knowledge I was coming back after one year, I wasn't very motivated to be organised.

Now I have no idea what to do!

Do I put all my books into one box, or will that be too heavy.... How do I pack up the rest of my stuff... Most of it seems like junk but too me its something, but can I justify bringing them in to my new home?

I have the opportunity to cull LOTS of my unnecessary crap. But where to start!! 

I'm also a bit unmotivated since I still have quite a few months to go and once I've put my stuff into boxes, I have nowhere to put them, besides stacking them in my room. So that's annoying.

Although it is stressful I am still looking forward to moving into a new house. 

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