Friday, November 16, 2012

It Fits!!!

So I've blogged lots about how I've been running but I am unsure if I have blogged about why all this running started.

Well, it has to do with something thats happening in 2 weeks time and a certain dress that I need to wear,  I NEED to wear!!! 

I bought said dress in January, first trip looking with the sisters, mum and baby Mia, it was fun, scary and strange all at the same time. 

We went to Wetheril Park, where a huge amount of dress stores are located and started looking. Tried on dresses I didn't even think I would like, but when I tried them on, they looked great (strange how that happens really). But I was unsure of exactly what I wanted.

After a few dress changes, a few store changes, I found one that I really liked, two that were quite similar, one was a bridesmaids dress and one was a wedding one, the wedding dress was beautiful and I really liked it, except it had a black band around the torso, which I was unsure about, it was beautiful but I was unsure if it were for me. Than I tried on the bridesmaids dress, and it was like perfect. It was light (especially since this is a summer wedding) and was the right shaped neckline.

I was very happy with having this big decision made, and cheaply, but more just happy that I found one I liked.

I often see other wedding dresses and think I should have gotten that. But I'm happy with my dress because it very much shows myself and who I am, which kinda sounds lame but, its simply, yet pretty and I love it!

My sisters wanted me to try on a big puffy one, just so I could see what it looks like, but we found this one before I had the chance to try one on, much to my sisters displeasure.

It takes a few months for the dress to be made and shipped in so it wasn't until May that I went to pick it up, I had a fitting and it was a tad tighter than I remembered... But it still fit.

Than June came along and I was going to try the dress on and show a friend, and the worse thing that I could ever imagine... It didn't fit.

So there brought on my big sis A signing up with Cantoo to do the 9km fun run, and help me diet. 

All the work paid off, I'm still running which is one good, not as frequently, but I did just do a 7.2km run on Monday, which is the furthest I've gone since the fun run. 

I just tried my dress on, two weeks out from the wedding tomorrow, and my dress still fits.

As I haven't been running as often I have been starting to fret, but I was able to put my dress on by myself, which I hadn't done before. I'm very excited with the fact it fits.

I keep reminding myself, that I'm thinner than I was when I first tried on my dress in January, so too get back to the size I was in June would take longer than two weeks. So I keep reminding myself of that. To help comfort the fact I had chocolate this last week, oops, I've got 14 days till the wedding.

14 DAYS!!!! I can make it 14 days without eating too much junk and packing on 5 kg!!

So I'm getting excited now, ready to just get this day off and running. 

But before the day, my cousin has her big day, my big cuz is getting married tomorrow and I can't wait! I'm so excited (I have a new bright red awesome dress to wear hehe) oh and S will be here, haven't seen in him a week and a bit, but I supposed I can't really mind any more, since in 2 weeks time I wont be able to get away from him..... Sounds good to me :)

Hope your Friday is good and you have an exciting weekend planned!!

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P.S. I will be uploading photos of the dress after the day!!


  1. congratulations on the dress fitting!! Thats a wonderful achievement!!!


  2. Nice work Kate, you've done such a good job. Now just don't eat too much junk on Tuesday night at the movies and at Mia's party! Lol!

    1. I can't wait!! But I know I have to resist. It's only two weeks, but lots of things happen in those two weeks and I have to be careful! lol

  3. Well done! Just be careful what you eat for the next two weeks. Can't wait to hear all about you wedding!

    1. Thanks, Ill be extra careful!! Tried it on today (3 days out) and it fits so good to go!!


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