Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part II

I know what you are thinking, "Why on earth are you going to see that?!", well I'll tell you why.

Because I enjoyed the books.

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They aren't works of art, they aren't going to go down in history as a literary piece of art, and they aren't going to build statues in honour of it so that in years to come generations can remember the brilliance that was the Twilight books (at least I hope not).

I first read the books in 2007, just after Eclipse had been released. 

My high school friend introduced me to them, and at this point in time I was devouring books night after night, in my attempt not to have to do school work :)... actually :( bad me...

So I first read twilight in 2 days, the majority of it late on a school night, causing me to be really tired for school the next day, and the rest that day. Not wanting to do anything but finish it.

The books are good. When you are a teenage girl, very shy and hating being at school, I used books to escape, so that I could create these other worlds I could live in for a little while before I had to grow up and live in the real world, I was hanging on to the last threads of childhood I could and Twilight helped that.

I must admit, at first I was team Edward, just because I hated the idea that Jacob tried to ruin something that had started before he was on the scene. I think that's just rude, but now, now that they have t-shirts declaring Team Edward and Team Jacob. I am neither.

Is it just me or does something that starts out good suddenly becomes very lame when it is really popular? 

It seems to be the way (except Harry Potter, HP will always be amazing no matter how big it is).

But because this world is such a corny world I can't help but be embarrassed by the young girls who will faint if they see a twilight character. It freaks me out that someone is that devoted to someone or something, its kind of creepy.

Also, when you read the books you can put your own inflections onto the words and think of different ways to say lines to make them less corny, so it seems like it isn't so bad, but when you hear them on the big screen, you realise, "Nope that line was REALLY corny!"

Anyway, I am off to see Breaking Dawn Part II tonight with my sisters and cuz in Gold Class, have to treat ourselves one last time before I leave Sydney. And we did this for the first one and the last two HP movies hehe.

Hope you Tuesday was just lovely.

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  1. K and I went to see it last night - I did enjoy it. I have read all the books (at least 4 times) - I know they are soppy, I know that they aren't that well written - I just love the story and getting lost in the characters.
    We have the DVD's and not too long ago we had a Twilight catch-up so we knew where we were up to before we went to see the latest movie.
    Were going to go Gold Class but couldn't get two tickets - so we just got $8.50 normal class tickets - still had a gerat evening together !
    Have the best day and a great night !

    1. Thats awesome! It's always fun to have something you can enjoy no matter how bad it is and have a friend to join in with you. I enjoyed Gold Class, NEVER go there, so expensive, but we went on cheap ass tuesday to the GC tickets were a bit cheaper which was nice! Hope your day was great also!!

  2. I enjoyed the books, and am far from my teen years! At first, I avoided the movies, but have seen them all in the past year, and am keen to see BDII at the movies.

    I almost wish I'd seen the movies before reading the books - then maybe I'd be less disappointed in the fact that Jacob isn't the massive, hulking hunk of muscle I pictured in my head!

    1. I know, I was a bit disappointed in how Jacob wasn't the massive 6'7'', towering over Edward like the book depicts. But none the less, they are alright for what they are. BDII is amazing!! I highly recommend, see it as soon as you can!!

  3. Oh I loved the books as well. Itching to see the movie, but i think I'll have to wait till it's out on DVD, cause we don't really have the spare cash for the movies right now. :(

    1. Far enough, that sucks, but I highly recommend it, it's SOOOO good!! Best one out of all the movies!


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