Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reading Writes

So I've been sorely lacking in the reading department the last few years, which just will not do.

This year I have read 4 books and am half way through my 5th. I know right, how bad, and I don't even have kids!

Thats no including the textbooks plus the many journal articles I've been reading for uni!

Not too long ago I wrote a post (you can read it here) about the books I had currently read, two being from Francine Rives.

But recently, I am half way through 'the fault in our stars' and I'm pleasantly surprised by it, its taking a little long to get into it, like I said I'm half way through and not much has happened, besides a budding romance, like all good young adult books usually have.


Despite this, the book is really well written. I usually skip paragraphs that just describes things, in order to get through the book quickly but I have to stop myself with this one because it's those paragraphs where most of the funny things are written.

And some of the more thought provoking moments are.

So as soon as my last assignments are done I will finish this book hopefully, and tell you if the book maintained it's good start.

Which will probably be next month anyway, as I am on placement for the whole month of September!

Anywho, linking up with big sis for her first 'Reading Writes'.

And also over at Essential Jess for IBOT

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