Friday, March 30, 2012


I lost respect for you when you took over my life, monopolised my thoughts and stole my time.

It's a love hate relationship, I know they need to be completed, my grades depend on them being done and done on time and preferably with a good mark at the end. Oh the satisfaction of handing in that report and knowing that you can go home with the relief that there's no more thinking about that assignment.

If only getting to this point was easier said then done. I have assignments coming out my ears and no motivation to do them. I wish to do well, I know I can, but feeling so incompetent when writing these assignments can get one down.

Nonetheless, like every presentation I have to give in front of a class, I have to remind myself that I will not die of humiliation, I will survive and there is life after death... it's just the getting through part that sucks.

But as the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, every assignment you do makes you smarter, at least I should hope so, spending so much time on one topic should make me an expert.

Procrastination is a funny thing, here I am writing this, when I should be writing my assignment, yet I'm not, I'm writing this piece about the assignment which I should be doing.

Dear Assignments...

You make me want to cry.

 Love Katie-Ellen

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pic A Day

Fork 12/03/12
A Sign 13/03/12
15/03/12 Car

16-17/03/12 Green Sunglasses
Clouds 14/03/12

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something You Wore 7/3/12

Something you wore 

Day 4

Well, as I wrote in my about me section, I am engaged and the wedding is set for the 1st of December this year, so about 9 or so months till the big day. Most things are prepared like the ceremony and reception venues, I know what I want the flowers to look like and the bridesmaids dresses to be, it's just a matter off acquiring said items.

Luckily enough I already have my wedding dress! Which his fantastic because it's going to take about four months to come in, so I won't be seeing it again till May.... I hope I still like it haha, I've completely forgotten what it looks like!!

I promised myself a million and a half lights years ago that I would start excising, regularly, as in not just one day then forget the rest of the week, which is what I usually do. I've started so many times and ended in tragedy where by I end up doing something completely different, usually reading a book or watching a movie.

I realise what my failure is, these last however many attempts, I've always planned in my head that I will walk or zumba for the next two weeks and I'll plan my day so that I make sure I do it. The problem with planning your day is that is never goes to plan, some things take longer, you sleep in (big problem for me!) or something else arises and you need to handle that first.

So what my plan is I shall take it one day at a time! Small steps, I will start riding my bike, no more than half an hour a day, not pushing myself too hard, and taking it slowly. Not thinking of tomorrow or the day after but taking it day by day and living up too that days expectations.

So far this is my fourth day that I've done my half hour bike ride!!! Yay for 4 days in a row!!!
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