Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Enjoyment During Study

So it's not unknown to many of you how much I enjoy knitting and crocheting.

And it's not unknown that I am studying nursing and finding out some pretty awesome and mind-blowing things. 

While studying is enjoyable because I like what I'm learning about, I also need some time away from study, and essays and mini online tests.

During this 'downtime' I like to watch T.V. shows, like I'm currently making my way through season 7 of House, I also have been busily finishing off a blanket I started yonks ago (last year) and finally finished it and wanted to share with you.

I've also been making a few things for my niece but I want them to be a surprise for my sis!!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

25 by Twenty-Five

So it's been over a year since I posted this list of 25 things to do by the time I'm 25 and I wanted to update it, so here is my updated version!
  1. Pay off my car
  2. Visit all the towns in the song "I've been Everywhere" (a photo with every town sign)
  3. Finish my degree
  4. Earn a living
  5. Create my own pattern
  6. Knit a jumper
  7. Crochet a blanket
  8. Overseas trips (to England; still working on it!)
  9. Further my AUSLAN study
  10. Learn a language (French or Russian)
  11. Read 200 books
  12. Write a story
  13. Do a counselling course
  14. Develop good eating habits Was going really well, but then I got married. So trying to fix it up again!
  15. Get fit Again was doing well... then I got married
  16. Write a song, lyrically and musically
  17. Read the OT and NT of the bible
  18. Read all the novels on my shelf (doesn't equate to 200 books but it's a start)
  19. Apply and get in to CSU
  20. Own all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S dvds myself (moving away from home, need my own collection!)
  21. Improve my photographer skills (maybe take a course)
  22. Use up all the wool I've had since I was 15!
  23. Paint our house (once we've moved in!)
  24. Get Married
  25. Move to Wagga Wagga
"A goal without a plan is just a wish" -Larry Elder

Not doing too bad, 6 out of 25 is getting there. Once I get closer to 25, which is still a couple years away, I may change it to 30byThirty, I already know of one that I could add to that list that isn't on this one!!! Any guesses what that is??? Hint: my sister's about to be one again!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phantom Aid and Blood Minerals.

So I’ve been learning a LOT in class so far, and one of the things I’m starting to get the hang of it essay writing. I hate essay writing, I hate looking for references and I hate trying to think of my own argument but then to make it sound legitimate by backing it up with someone else’s quotes. Fun stuff really.

But I digress, the point of this post isn’t to bore you on all the details of my new adventures into academic writing, or to tell how well I’ve been doing in my marks so far (except sociology, but really, it’s sociology).

One of the main things that has been coming out of my classes, sort of like a theme running, is the inequality of health around the world and even in our backyards.

The life expectancy rate of an aboriginal is shockingly low compared to that of a Caucasian, as well as that of rural dwellers to city dwellers.

There is a 31 per cent increase in C-section births in 2007 than compared to 18 per cent from 1991.

Citizens of Africa can expect to live at least 40 years less than that of Americans or Australia.

Russia’s life expectancy has decreased by 11 years since the end of the USSR.

The question we are asked about this is why? Why are all these things happening in society today where health is so well known about, preventative measures are so well thought out.

About three-quarters of deaths under the age of 75 are considered preventable!

And chlamydia rates are rising!!!

No seriously go look up that statistic. In this day and age, where sex education is told throughout schools, safe sex is advocated everywhere you look, adults aren’t pretending like there kids aren’t having sex, so they give them the information for them to have safe sex. So why are STI’s on the rise!!

Some things baffle me, but some things sadden and hurt me deeply.

Blood minerals and phantom aid, has anyone heard of these?

If you’ve seen the movie blood diamond you already have a glimpse of what blood minerals are, take for example the mines in the Congo, have hundreds of workers being beaten and rapped on a daily basis, and all to extract minerals from the earth and rocks.

I’m not na├»ve, the minerals they are finding, are the ones they use in this here laptop and my mobile phone, minerals that I don’t even realise are in my computer, and that someone somewhere half way across the globe is beaten so that I can have my laptop.

It’s horrible and it makes me sick.

Phantom aid is another topic we learnt about today, in sociology actually, what I thought would be a boring topic turns out to be pretty interesting.

Now if you don’t know what Phantom Aid is, it is where the countries that gives aid, such as America, Britain, Australia and Canada, give aid to countries that are having difficulties, such as a natural disaster where they are unable to help themselves, these countries give them money. But there’s a catch. Like there always is with money.

If America gives money for aid assistance, they will stipulate that they can only use food grown by American farmers, and only if they use America shipping containers, to get them there. So in effect, what America is doing by giving this money to poorer countries, putting these restrictions on it, they are basically using their own money to fund their own economy. These countries also then have to pay the higher pay rates for American produce and carriers, so more of their aid money is taken up by this when they could put this money in to their own economy, to create jobs in their own country, save some money on the cost of food, and maybe be able to put some into medicine, education, better infrastructure, and all these types of things, but they can’t because they are having to buy more expensive food.

Or for example, when a country pledges money to another country and says, we will help you build this dam, only if you use our consultants and our builders and constructors. So effectively, half the aid money that is pledged never actually leaves the country.

This kind of aid needs to stop, and I’m quite happy to say that Australia has become stipulation free in its aid giving. But it is still very prevalent in other countries and I encourage you to go research it if you don’t already know!

Why have I never heard of phantom aid? In a world with fast news and thorough in depth investigations like all the advertisement says, why do I not know about the people suffering for the things I use!

Here is a clip we watched at school today it is a bit sad but what makes us sad, is what people are living through. I think we can take the time out of our busy lives to pray, to think of, and maybe even see what difference we can do on our side of the world. Because nothing will change if someone doesn’t take the first step!

Congo: Blood, gold and mobile phones

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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I've always cherished family. The time spent with them and the memories made with them.

One of my childhood memories that I really savour is back in the 90's when my family had christmas at Aunty J's house.

Christmas' were always special, not only the birth of our saviour but the time spent specifically with family.

This christmas sticks in my mind because that year my brother and sister and I got water pistols for christmas, which we thought were awesome, and like all good kids, we took every present we got from christmas to our Aunty's house to play with. 

This christmas happened to be a really hot day and so our water pistols came in handy when playing around with our other cousins. So the day just basically escalated into a full blown water fight.

Not just a kids water fight, a whole family water fight. Our older cousins would go into the house and drag all the older aunty's and uncles out and we would dump water buckets all over them.

It was a great day and we caught a lot of it on camera. 

What I liked most about this day is that everybody joined in, older and younger all helped each other out to create a day that stays in my memory and built the foundation of the importance of family in my mind.

Family compares to no other relationship. It is an example of unconditional love, love that isn't dependant on what you bring to the table but that you are just at the table.

Family is a sliver of the unconditional love that God shows us everyday.

This past week has been incredibly sad as we sad goodbye to our Aunty J. 

So many memories were made over those years and I will hold them close to my heart.

I look up to Aunty J and my Grandma, the stories I heard about their life, their dedication to educating those in need, helping in all areas for those in need, mentoring young adults to become real people in Christ and following their calling.

So many stories were told at Aunty J's funeral, her four children and husband got up and said an incredibly heartfelt, tearful and wonderful eulogy, about the life of Aunty J, how she loved her family, her neighbours and how much she loved her Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart, she knew what death would be, to be with her creator who loved her more than anyone on this earth could.

I admire the courage my cousins and uncle had at speaking at Aunty J's funeral, I can't even imagine what that must have felt like.

Knowing Aunty J is in heaven with Lord Jesus and we will see her again is the one saving grace from having to say goodbye to someone way to early. The sunshine through the rain, the silver lining. 

Living with the knowledge that death can not separate us, death can not hold us, the fear of death is gone and life after death is assured.

We are not made for nothing, we are more than just the atoms that make us up. God made us for a reason, for a purpose, to love Him, to worship Him, to live life with Him, and that's exactly what Aunty J did.

We are not bound by rules and obligations but by the desires of our heart to do good and to love our neighbours, help our neighbours and love Jesus with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. 

Cherish the time we have on earth because it is fleeting, it doesn't last forever, death is not a choice, but the way in which you chose to die is.

RIP Aunty J, no need to say goodbye, just that I'll see you later!!!
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