Saturday, April 5, 2014

Redemption In Progress

Redemption in Progress
This is the story of how Redemption in Progress came to life.

I am an avid reader. I love to read.

My favourite books were young adult christian centred. 

In particular a book series called 'Confession of a teenage girl' by Melody Carlsen.

This particular teenage girl's name was Chloe. After the first book journey's through her story of coming to Christ, and developing a love to make music, she formed a band.

With two fellow (well soon to be) christians. Their band was called Redemption.

I find this word, to me, to be multi-faceted.

Redemption reminds me that I am redeemed, and that I have a redeemer. His name is Jesus Christ.

He died for me, because he would, 
'rather go to hell for me, than to heaven without me'.

This has always summed up my understanding of why Jesus did what he did.

The 'in Progress' part of my blog is to reflect on the fact that I need to constantly remind myself that I am saved, I am redeemed, I am forgiven, I am set free.

Sometimes this world can consume my thoughts and actions, believing the lies about myself that don't reflect the real me.

Jesus words and actions free me from the restrictions of this world and it's a daily progress, a life's progress. 

This is the progress of my redemption everyday.

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Easter Camp 2014

So not too many months ago S was asked if would like to Direct Easter Camp, run by Turning Point Ministries (TPM, a part of the Lutheran Church of NSW). To which he said yes to...

Easter Camp is an amazing experience, it starts on Maundy thursday, and goes to lunch time Easter Sunday.

The camp follows the last weeks days of Jesus life, death and resurrection, beginning with the last supper.

The campers that come to this camp are usually between the ages of 13-17, not exclusively though but this camp is also known at 'Confirming Easter Camp'.

Confirmation in the Lutheran church begins around the start of high school or thereafter and it consists of a year or two of group studies, with the pastor, and we learn about Jesus, investigate His life, what it means to be a christian today and how it can impact my life.

Confirmation classes then lead onto 'being confirmed'. A chance for these young folks to stand up in front of their confirmation and confirm what their Godparents said at their baptism, that they will continue to follow Jesus and it's a decision they choose to make.

This Easter Camp helps give a deeper understanding of what Jesus did for them, and us. 

We simulate what would have happened in the events before Jesus death.

So S and I have been given the task to organise this years camp.

Easter Camp is pretty structured but I really want to do it justice. 

But being fully aware of God's presence of the working out of this camp.

It is a bit task no less, even being a small camp, something I love as it allows campers to build deep, faithful relationships with God and other christians their own age.

Easter is less then two weeks away now, so there's lots of preparing to do. But most likely I will keep updates here on our progress.

Hope you are spending your Saturday night as productively as mine, I'm acutely aware that daylight savings ends tonight so technically I've still got an hr before I should head to bed!!!
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