Thursday, November 1, 2012

NOVEMBER and thankful thursday

So today is November 1st, I'm actually quite excited about this month, blogging wise anyway.

Last month I saw that a few blogs I follow did a blog a day all the month of October, only seeing this a week or so into october I decided I couldn't join and that I would do my own little one for november.

So in November I plan to actually participate in Fat Mum Slim's photoaday challenge, I've said and set out to do a whole month before but then I just forget and/or I get too busy and I can't catch up!

Blog once a day about something interesting (have a few ideas, but some new ones would be much appreciated if you have any, thanks).

Actually get onto all these linky's and start commenting (I've been really slack sorry).

And follow the diet and exercise plan I've drawn up for November!!

Today I am also thankful for family.

Its rare to get a photo of the whole family, but this one is of us
5 kids and partners!

My family have always been there for me! They know me better than any one else and I love it. They know how to handle me when I cranky or frustrated or worried and they don't mind. I can't yell at them than ask them for a favour later because that's what we are like.

I love spending every thursday (usually Wednesday but it's been a bit skewed this year on account of everybody having such busy lives and not wanting to miss out on family night) hanging out with my family talking about stupid stuff and something I can not describe how amazing it feels is to be able to watch my little niece grow, Mia is so gorgeous and I have loved being able to spend the 1st year of her life so involved. 

Unfortunately moving away will mean I wont get to see them as much, but thankgoodness for the internet, for skype and for facebook. Excellent devices that will help me feel like I see and talk to my family on a regular basis but still be 5 hours away.

Family is one of the most precious things in my life because I've never really had many friends, I'm more of a quality than quantity when it comes to my friendships. I'd rather know that my friends wanna hang with me rather than because they have no one else to hang with.

So here's to the month of November, the month of blogging, the month of planning, the month of getting this done!!

Linking up today with We Heart Life for Thankful Thursdays!

Sidenote: T minus 30 days till d-day, (d-day being wedding if you didn't know already hehe)


  1. Thanks for linking up! Oh my thirty days until your wedding, exciting!

    I am glad you're thankful for your family and I hope that your November goes along swimmingly with all those plans!

    [Commenting from my personal account, Carly ~ Creator of We Heart Life]

    1. Thanks Carly, it's getting very exciting! Thanks for posting!

  2. Good luck with the month ahead - wow you have a lot of things on the go, I wish you well in all of them!

    1. Thank you Kirsty, will be needing lots of luck that everything comes together!

  3. Replies
    1. Going to miss you too!! And Mia!!! Have to have my fill of her cuteness while I still can!!


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