Thursday, October 25, 2012

You Only Appreciate Your Body When it's Gone

Isn't it funny how we only cherish something once it's gone?

We never understand the full impact someone or something has on our lives until it's not there any more.

Human Beings have been making that stupid mistake for as long as we have documented evidence showing us that humans centuries ago still made the same mistakes we do now.

We judge based on first appearance, instead of finding out whats underneath.
While training for my 9k run

We make decisions based on ill-informed, prejudice and subjective motives.

And most of all, we can be incredibly selfish.

Why do we always have to let something slip by before we realise the true value?!

Are we incapable of it?

Well, I've never had a child, I've never had any lasting scars. I am a young 22 year old who's body is perfect. I'm in a healthy weight range, I do not over eat (maybe chocolate but whatever). I try to exercise regularly (a recent thing), but I still don't have great confidence in myself.

This I have come to realise started off when i was very young, with the insecurities of my body, and my face, bushy eyebrows and fangs for teeth do not a happy teenager make.

I also had low self-esteem when it came to my brain as well. I hated feeling dumb, I hate making dumb comments, I hated people making fun of what I said. So I learnt to shut my mouth, and its basically been shut ever since. 

The last four years since I finished high school have taught me a lot.

That I don't need to rely on others to make me feel better. It should come from within and through the words I read in the bible:

"For you created my inmost being;

    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well."
Psalm 139:13-14

My brain is capable, when I put my mind to it, its does amazing things, and that my body is only limited by my brain, so I need to focus on my mind and make it stronger so that my body can withstand anything.

It is harder right now more than ever. My wedding is coming up and my dress is done and ready to go, as long as I can stay at my current weight. It's so hard to stay motivated and run! I know I need to, I need to start taking one day at a time and not get so hard on myself! 

I can do this! I can last the next 5 1/2 weeks before the wedding at my current weight! I can make it! 

So the real point I wanted to make of this post is that I love my body because I have no reason not to. 

I have a fiancee who constantly tells me I'm beautiful and loves me even when I look my worst, and a Creator who knows me most intimately and still loves me unconditionally.

So here's to the next however many years of my life, to my body that will be guaranteed to change with age and use, that I will learn to love my and understand my body at and through all its stages. I will, without a doubt, struggle continually with my self-esteem, and I will continually become stronger in myself!

Road tripping with S

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  1. I love that you love your body because you have no reason not to; I am sure that a lot of the women who link up have one reason or another for disliking their bodies.

    Thank you for linking up xx

    1. I know, and theres many things I dislike about my body but that to myself in 5 years time I will think, 'why did I think that?' No Worries, enjoyed you linkup

  2. A young, vibrant woman who has her whole life before her, who can actually see what she has. It's actually quite amazing with the level of self doubt and body hate in the younger generation (and I say that as a 24 year old woman, lol). Good for you!

    1. Thanks! And good for you too! It's time we change that statistic and made it a positive one!

  3. So true, we'll look at ourselves in 50 years time and we'll wonder. What were we unhappy with?

    1. Exactly! And that was the premise of my post! It's so true!

  4. I wish I'd believed people when they said that life gets better after high school. The years after when you realize it's not all about looks and clothes is awesome.

    1. Yep, it does get better, and easier to understand and not have to worry about being friends with popular kids, or trying to be popular or look your best every moment of each day so you can impress everybody, way to much unnecessary pressure!


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