Monday, October 15, 2012

2. Bette Midler/Julie Andrews

Who hasn't seen 'Beaches'? You need to go out and rent that shit!!! 

It is a must see, in my opinion, also Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.

Sound of Music
Mary Poppins

These three movies are the must see of all musical movies. Made my childhood and my families!!

My family being very musical we love to sing, and we love Bette Midler and Julie Andrews.

I've decided that Bette Midler and Julie Andrews deserve number 2, because to me they made songs fun to sing. 

Even if they are a little before my time, I've grown up listening to my sisters (older by 8 and 6 years) and mums music. So I like to think of my self as well educated on music covering quite a few decades!

Always so elegant
Julie Andrews, amazing singer, her range covered, I think, 4 octaves, which is damn high! Like Mariah Carey high. She started singing when she was very young, and one of her breakout movies was 'Mary Poppins'. 

Little fact, Julie Andrews was going to star in the movie 'My Fair Lady' but the producers wishing to go with an actress more well known, Audrey Hepburn got the roll. So Julie Andrews lost out on 'My Fair Lady' but picked up the Mr Disney in Mary Poppins. Probably one of the best things to accidentally happen to Mrs Andrews as she beat Audrey Hepburn in the race for the Academy Award for best actress.

Sadly Mrs Andrews does not sing anymore, as a surgery to removes nodules in her vocal chords, a routine procedure most singers go through, but the surgery destroyed her vocal chords and she could not sing the way she used to anymore. A sad day for the music world!

This video isn't the best, but it's one of my favourite songs, and love Julie Andrews high finish to the song!

The Divine Miss M
Bette Midler, sorry I don't have any little known facts about her, except that she bought out an album of covers of Rosemary Clooney's songs. Which I absolutely love. Mrs Midler has a fantastic voice, is a brilliant performer on stage, and can act!! She is basically the last of the real entertainers, I believe. 

Also Mrs Midler's song, 'Wind Beneath my Wings' was played at my Grandmothers funeral, so it will always be in my memory in connection with my grandma.


  1. I love both these singers and all three of the recommended movies - thanks for the smiles this post gave me!

    1. No worries, always good to share smiles over fantastic memories!

  2. Love musicals, therefore how can I not love these two gloriously talented women?

  3. love them all.. beautiful voices, beautiful movies!! Classics... will live on forever!

  4. I never knew that about the surgery on Julie Andrews voice- how sad!

  5. I am a sucker for musicals! The Sound of Music is just the best. I remember going to Salzburg and couldn't help out but break out in Edelweiss :)
    And "Wind Beneath My Wings" ? Has there ever been a more moving song ?

  6. oh I watched Beaches as a little girl, its one of my favourite movies ever! I could watch it over and over.. Bette Midler and Julie Andrews~great ladies with great pipes!


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