Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekend-Stupid Sydney!

My weekend was quite adventurous. Well for me anyway..

It started off slowly, having a relaxing day housesitting my sister's house... Watching foxtel, knitting, eating some chocolate, hanging out with Barnie...

Then Saturday came, lazy start to the day, had my friends 21st party in the city that I must get ready for, so I took it easy, counting the hours until I had to leave.

Shower, do my hair, my makeup, get into a nice new dress, footwear= thongs :) (heels in the handbag in case of clubbing)

Stupid Sydney!
So I was driving into the city with my friend E, she lives in Canterbury, so I was just going to drive through that way to pick her up. Thankfully E knows her way around the city pretty well, so I felt as though I was in good hands. Which is true, she got us there.

But then it started... Traffic. George St was closed due to some food festival they were having, which then totally screwed up E's parking plan. So we slowly made our way through all the one was streets just to get to parking (damn those one way streets!). We were already late, so E had a brilliant idea, why don't I jump out of the car, E can park, and I'll run to the place to meet the girls. Great idea... Right?

NO, worst idea ever!! 

I got lost........ For 40 minutes!!

40 minutes I aimlessly, ran up and down Elizabeth street trying to find this place. I was at the right number, just on the wrong side of the street, and I couldn't figure out where I was meant to be. I didn't know that the numbers went in the opposite direction!! If I'm standing infront of 242, then 243 should be across the road..... You'd think... A native Sydneysider would know this, but alas I did not..

So I ran like a madman  up and down Elizabeth St, on the phone to Sam whos trying to calm me down. Finally I stop a man on the street, to try and find out where I was meant to be. A nice Irish man who'd been in Sydney for 3 weeks... Lucky he had an iPhone (will be using this as an example in my argument for an iPhone!!) 

So I finally find the place I'm meant to be (E came and found me!)

So we hang out for about an hr and a half then we finished up and headed back to our car, as our friends hotel room was in Kings Cross. So we decide to just drive over there, no biggy theres only four of us......

We just happened to pick the parking building that should be in a horror movie. The tiniest place ever!

The only paying station was on level 4, below us, so E and I jump into the elevator, press 4 expecting us to go down and what does it do... Takes us to the top floor of the building, level 26, and then it proceeds to just sit there, not opening its doors, not responding to our pressing other buttons..... 5 minutes of panicking and an emergency button later we safely land on the ground floor. Had to walk out on to the street then back around to the parking, then drive all the way down to level 4, just to pay 9 dollars to get out of that place!!

So ends my Saturday night in the city, and to the man who threw a full bottle of coke at my car whilst I was driving, I am sending you lots of blessing....... that hopefully your car will break down and you can grow the ef up!

I made it home safe and sound, to bed where I had no more worries....

9am Sunday morning, my friend (who's party we were in the city for) texts me and asks if I can pick her up from the city (which was fine, I'd offered). So I jump up, check google maps write down the directions, hop in the car and head to the city.... Im confident I can make it. Until I take South Dowling St instead of the ED... BAD move!!!!!! Travelling along nicely, then not so nicely, realising I needed to be in that tunnel. Stupid signs, never listen to the signs!!!

I travelled down this road, seeing signs that say Kings Cross, so I thought I could make it on my own... Nope, took me to St Vincent's hospital and the signs stopped. 

So after having a massive panic attack, going down a one way street, (the wrong way) and getting myself back onto Oxford St, I call my sister A hoping her husband is there to tell me where to go. 

The phone rings (they were on holidays up or down the coast, who knows) and A answers, and I scream, I'M LOST IN SYDNEY!! I'M ON OXFORD ST I NEED TO GET TO WILLIAM ST!!! 

J is probably the most amazing person to me right now!! He got me there in a matter of two turns!!!!!! I could not believe it, thank God for phones! And people who know Sydney!

This brings an end to my weekend. My very hectic, frightening, anxious filled weekend. Looking back on it now, I will forever remember this weekend as the funniest time I spent in Sydney, and fingers crossed I never have to go in there alone again!!!

So how was your weekend? Any freak outs/funny moments? We all have them, I seem to have them more so than any one else hmmm, something must be wrong with me!

Anyway, your weekend was better than mine and you week goes smoothly!!

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  1. I get lost in the city ALL the time! Hopefully you ended up having fun at the party :)

    1. Yes the party was fun, minus the elevator, but it ended up being a funny, memorable night lol

  2. I can't stand driving in Sydney. The thought of it freaks me out. Well done for giving it a go!

    1. I'm fine with the driving, just as long as I know where I'm going! Otherwise I freak out and hyperventilate, but I made it in the end!!

  3. I like to think I am a superb navigator.. but I always seem to get my lefts and rights wrong!

    1. Me too!! Especially when reading a map, and cant never figure out which way I'm facing so I usually get lost anyway lol

  4. Still just as funny reading this now as it was hearing it in person!

    1. Haha I know, I had fun telling that story, and it needed to be long just to understand the disbelief that was that weekend!!


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