Saturday, August 18, 2012

What's In A Name?

I have an interesting name, ok it's more different then interesting, Katie-Ellen is my name, two first names. Never really thought it was much of a big deal, everybody always called me Katie.... Now everyone calls me Kate. I constantly struggle with how to introduce myself too strangers. I like my names and am proud of them, though I have a few issues which I will divulge.

Firstly, the story of how my name came about, my mum loved Anne, her mother, my grandmother, was not such a fan, so Annie I was not. Then came mums second favourite name, Ellen, but alas would not do as my elder sisters nickname is Ellie, Ellie and Ellen would just be way too confusing. Then came the suggestion of Katie. Mum wasn't sure, wasn't a big fan, then playing around with a few ideas and putting names together, Katie-Ellen was born, pardon the pun.

Secondly, everyone called me Katie, as you can imagine Katie-Ellen is a mouthful, so it was shortened to Katie, then to Kate. So to close friends and family, I'm Kate. To strangers I'm..... So bringing about my dilemma.

Introducing myself as Katie-Ellen, I have confused people, they believing Ellen to be my last name.... Then having to explain to them that I have two first names. By introducing myself as Katie-Ellen, people also assume that that is what I want to be called, not realising I was just telling them my name and that I am not going to jump down their throats for calling me Katie, or Kate. I know people who do not like their name shortened, I am not one of them.

To conclude, I believe a name is as unique as a handprint, and by that I mean that a popular name is not regular but loved more than most, and a unique name is one of a kind. I love that names have meanings, Prudence means wisdom and Belle is French for beautiful, I would love to name my daughter Prudence, though I don't think I'm going to get my way somehow.

To conclude, this will be an ongoing topic of interest as I will never be changing my name. Soon too be a Mrs. I believe that a last name is the only change a gal needs. If you're wondering, yes I do have a middle name.

"All that remains is the faces and the names of the wives and the sons and the daughters."
-Gordon Lightfoot

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