Friday, August 31, 2012

Spring - and all that entails

Spring. 6am. City. 9km run. Morning tea. Shower. Invitations. Italian night.

Tomorrow is spring, a fresh month, a fresh season, and three months till the wedding. Count down it on!

Tomorrow I get up at 6am (well I'm supposed to be, as long as I'm ready to leave by 6:15) and drive into the city.

We will be running our first 9km run tomorrow in the city. 8.2km run last Saturday, will be the longest I've ever run in my life!

Morning tea, muesli bars, gatorade, will be morning tea for us after our 9km run.

Shower, the most amazing show, thanks to my sis A, (the shower in my house is more like a broken hose, I have to run around it just to get my hair wet) I will give my hair a good wash, then jump straight into my trackie pants.

Drive home from my sisters, then finish cutting and printing the last of the wedding invitations. So close to being finised!! Then print the names on envelopes and out they go!

Italian night at church. Music team at my church (organised by mum) will be running a fundraiser to raise money for music equipment. A fun night of music, food and entertainment.

This comes to the end of the 1st of September. Hopefully I can start doing aphotoaday with fat mum slim. I've been meaning too so many times but then just get sidetracked by being so busy.

Here's to a brand new day, a brand new season, and many more to come!

What are you looking forward to in spring?

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  1. I'm looking forward to the warmer days (before they get to hot), and the slightly longer days. I'm looking forward to planting some fresh vegies to grow in the warmer weather. Not so keen on the hayfever that inevitably comes with spring.

    Good luck with the run!

    1. I agree with the warmer days!! Hopefully this summer isn't as much a disappointment as last years. Vegies sound like a great idea, cheap and fun at the same time, can't go wrong there. Yeah hayfever sucks, my older sisters and dad have it, I have not gotten it yet (both sisters developed it around my age now eek) Thanks the run went good, had a stitch but made it the whole way!! Looking forward to the rest of spring!

  2. Good luck with the run! Looks like you'll have a fun filled weekend ahead of you and yes! Here's to Spring :)

    1. Thanks Grace, the run went well, except for the stitch but I powered through lol. Spring is pretty much the best month, even if I am a little biased.

  3. Yeah, don't love the hayfever but love the warmth! Spring and Autumn. Definitely the best seasons.


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