Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's In a Name? Part 2

Since I wrote my post about my name two things have happened regarding this very topic.

I went to the chemist to refill my prescription. I'm patiently waiting for them to call my name, when they do, Breen, Ellen, is what called out. I've had my surname be confused as this before, believing that my last name is the hyphen not the first.

But alas, she assumed my first name was Ellen. 

I do not know nor understand how this mix up could have happened as it clearly states on the prescription my whole name. 

So having put Ellen Breen on my prescription packet, she's also put it on my follow up prescription. So hopefully the next person will let me explain before they think I'm a fraud trying to use someone else's prescription.

So I said two things, the second being...

I had to ring up vodafone yesterday to register my new visa card, telling them my name, explaining the hyphen to her, and how to spell Ellen. I receive one of those annoying messages enquiring how my interaction with customer services was.

It was awkward to say the least, maybe it was a bad line, I don't know.

But anyway, so I'm sent this message via text, and its address' me as, get this, Katie-Jane......

I've only had my name completely changed once, when my new english teacher, knowing my name was a hyphen and had ellen in it, called me sue-ellen in front of the class. Very funny and embarrassing. 

JANE!!! How on earth did they get Jane, we even spent a good two minutes on the phone yesterday with me explaining my name to her... It baffles me that they could not only mix my name up but create an entirely new one! What the....

Anyway, my funny story for the day. Very random that these two events happened to close together, and right after I wrote a post about my name. Must have been fate.

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