Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I love the tennis. That is all.

This year is the year of saving.

Sam and I went a bit crazy last year and just bought what we wanted and ate what we wanted. This year we are going to change that and be conscientious about our future and preparing for it.

It helps that I've been getting a few extra hours at work but it's still less then 20 hours which is frustrating but my job works so well around uni!

Next week S and I are off to a youth camp at the place we did our internship. Warrambui, about 45 minutes outside of Canberra.

It'll be a fun week filled with music, games, worship, fellowship, bible study and a few bad skits thrown in for skit night.

Lots of preparation for that and organising and training as well. 

It feels like we are so busy right now. S has been away a lot for work and then we are away next week then it's pretty much Australia day and then it's February. And I've still got another month till I'm back at uni and can feel like this year has really started!

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