Monday, January 6, 2014


January 3rd
By Max Lucado
"So don't be afraid. You are worth much more than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31 (NCV)"

When I was a teenager I started becoming interested in knitting, including crocheting, and also took a fancy to cross-stitch.

Now it was quite a few years before I learnt how to knit anything more then a scarf and to even learn what a purl stitch was, or what pattern meant.

I got there in the end, thanks too youtube for showing me. I need to see things being done as my way of learning and youtube helped with that.

So I learnt to purl and knit and how to follow a pattern and started making things left right and centre.

Then mum bought me a learn how to crochet book, which I ignored for a bit because I couldn't learn from reading the instructions, although I finally figured it out and could follow the crocheting patterns, so I started to make lots and lots of blankets.

Knitting and crocheting aren't to bad in the expense department, knitting needles aren't to bad and you can find patterns with the right size needle you have so you don't need to buy more, same as crochet hooks. Wool is a bit more expensive, especially when trying to be a jumper or something bigger then a beanie but stills reasonably priced.

Which brings me to cross-stitich.

I was given a cross-stitch when I was younger and I started it but never finished and only just recently did I find it and think I should finish it off, one of those numerous projects that I start but never seem to finish. I was finishing the product (almost finished now) and realised how much I love cross-stitch.

Now the one I was finishing off was a bit of a cheat one, because the pattern was actually printed onto the fabric so I didn't have to follow a pattern, which then lead me to wanting to challenge myself and buy a cross-stitch where the fabric is blank and the pattern is one big piece of paper.

So off I went, dragging S along, I told him he didn't need to come into spotlight that I wouldn't be long but alas he decided to come in, I think he was glad he did though.

I found the cross-stitch section and was browsing and finding some really cool modern styles, but I took one look at the 84 dollars they were asking for it and my heart sank, bugger. 

84 dollars for a cross-stitch!!!

I kept looking and S was getting restless and telling me to just pick one, I said I like one and he's just wanted me to hurry up, but being the good wife I am I pointed out the price to him. Which he then decided that he wasn't going to encourage my cross-stitching haha.

He couldn't believe how expensive it was, and for a bit of (being polite there) a cheap arse I'm surprised he didn't have a heart attack.

I did find a nice 30 dollar one, which is still expensive but its very cute and has little owls on it so I'm looking forward to completing it. Cross-stitch just takes a very long time!

The cross-stitch thats been hanging around for years. Almost finished.

The first little owl of 9 to be done. This took me an hour to do!!!


  1. I do a lot of cross-stitch and it doesn't have to be (overly) expensive. If you buy the bits seperately instead of as a kit, it often works out cheaper. There are quite a few places online where you can get free patterns, and ebay usually has some bulk colour thread deals, that might seem expensive until you realise just how long a skien lasts! Colour substitutions rarely detract from the finished piece and limit the amount of new colours you need to buy for each project (I got a handy colour comparison chart from a local quilt shop for this purpose). Aida cloth can be hard to find cheap, but again I have come accross some good deals on ebay. Hope this has been helpful, sorry for the rambling! (and technically the dog one is a tapestry, not a cross-stitch) =)

    1. Thanks! They are great ideas! I didn't think it was a cross-stitch, I thought I was doing it wrong when I started but oh well! Thanks again for those tips!


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