Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nurses were Drunks!

So far I've learnt quite a bit in nursing.

Just started week three, half way through this week.

I have four subjects I'm studying right now, 'Discipline of Nursing: Contexts of Nursing', 'Primary Health Care Nursing: Health Promotion and Education' and 'Sociology of Health and Health Care' and 'Human Bioscience'. 

All are interesting and have their own values.

Primary Health Care Nursing, is basically education about prevention of diseases and illness', and creating our idea of what health is, is it just the absence of illness or does it incase more than that, does it involve all aspects of life today such as socio-economic status, employment opportunities and whether or not you feel safe in your community.

What is your idea of health?

We are also learning in this subject, a lot of practical based skills, so we just learnt how to take a BP reading with a sphygmomanometer (try and say that word 5 times fast) and a stethoscope. It's quite hard but with a bit of practice I should pick it up, poor S being my guinea pig. This friday we learn how to take a blood glucose level as well as understanding how that works.

Sociology allows us to view 'Health', and the ideas surrounding health from different perspectives. Such as functionalism, marxism or conflict theory, Webernism, feminism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Postmodernism focusing on Foucalt. 

So it's quite a bit to take on and I have to chose one of those theories and apply it to attain a deeper understanding of health and health care. Will be an interesting essay, and I'm enjoying learning all these theories but am somewhat nervous about writing this essay. 

I haven't had a great experience writing essays, haven't really done well with them in the past, probably to my lack of time spent on writing these essays, but I always submit something I think is good. Then get it back and realise its not anywhere near as good as I thought it was. But alas, I will do my best, try and use the resources available to me through CSU and hopefully I can at least get a credit.

Contexts of nursing encompasses the history of nursing, professional expectations, things along those lines so it's interesting. 

The history of nursing is quite interesting, nurses were originally thought of as drunkards, slovenly, low class women, and they were usually prostitutes. They were made to take care of ill people because they did not want to 'waste' , 'good christian nuns' (who usually took care of people) so these less than desirable women to do less than desirable jobs. And they usually turned up drunk to work because they were paid in alcohol.

We have such a nice history, we do.

Nursing is also found to be a woman's job because nursing it seen as an altruistic job, where they do it out of their empathy, compassion, their love of helping people and not necessarily because it's a professional job and deserves to be paid. 

If you were to ask nurses these days, how many would say they would continue doing their job if they weren't getting paid?

I suppose you can guess what Human Bioscience is about. We are learning about the body, especially what makes the body up. So we are going right down what makes the human body up, and everything else in the world for that matter. Atoms!!! Aren't they fun.

An atom is incredibly small, they compared it to, if you had an apple, and blew that apple up to the size of the Earth, they an atom would be an apple inside that apple thats the size of the Earth. And inside that atom is a nucleus, which determines which element it is. So the nucleus is inside of this atom that is an apple within an apple which is the size of the Earth. Then the nucleus is smaller than that. If you blew up an atom to the size of a large cathedral then the nucleus would be the size of a fly inside that cathedral. A fly!!!

How crazy is that!!!!!

And what is between the atom and this nucleus? The simple answer is nothing. Well thats not really simple but thats the answer, between the nucleus of an atom and the outside of an atom is nothing.

So as well as being made in the bellies of stars millions of years old, we are also a whole bunch of nothing. How excellent!

So we just started chemistry this week and so far I'm getting it. We did microbiology last week so I will be studying up on that a LOT as it is so straight forward as chemistry.

Human Bioscience is a humungous subject, we have two lectures a week, two hours each, plus a two hour lab session.

Tuesdays are the biggest days as we start at 8am for a two hours lecture, then at 10 start another two hour lecture. Then at 12 I have a 1 hour tutorial, I have a 1 hour break, then get right into the first of two, two hour lectures, taking me all the way to 6pm tuesday night.

So that about 10 hours of lecturing with a one hour break!

Lot's of learning new things so far this semester!

And we are already into week 3!!!

Easter is so close its crazy! The days are going so quickly!!!

Whats been happening in your life? Learnt anything new this week? I'd love to hear about it!

Hope the rest of your week is full of knowledge and fun!

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  1. Sounds like you have so much on! What a syllabus and so much to soak in! Easter IS so close it IS crazy! Hope Tuesdays don't exhaust you xx
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  2. I like the notion of being a whole bunch of nothing ;) Good luck with it all!

  3. 3 great nurses - Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Clara Barton. 'nuff said!

  4. My sister is a nurse. I don't know how she does it, definitely not for me, but she loves it :-)


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