Wednesday, March 6, 2013


S and I at Port Macquarie

My cool new shoes I bought!

Port Macquarie
Lunch by the beach on Surfers Paradise:: Our second week of honeymoon
Put on a bit of a show for us Surfers did while we were there

Sunrise on our last day in Surfers Paradise

Road trip home

And all the way to our new home

And the awesome heatwave we did. Took this photo at 11:20am!

It just wouldn't stop!

Awesome hair day
Then I chopped it all off. 
Enjoy your Wednesday!!!


  1. So glad its starting to cool down now, I was so over that heat! Hopefully we don't get any more super hot days.

    Love the hair too! Can't wait to get mine cut again.

  2. Thanks, yeah it was very unpleasant! Really looking forward to winter! Wanna wear my trackies and hoodies again!!! Doesn't start cooling down, down here till about april. This week is still 30 degrees and all sunny.

    I'm glad my hair turned out alright!!! Everybody says I look exactly like you now! Even S said he had to stop and do a double take sometimes because he thinks I look like you so much!

  3. Oh my goodness! 41 degrees. I would go crazy! I live in South Africa and our highest temp in summer is 36 degrees, sometimes more. I prefer winter can't take the heat. Your honeymoon looks like a lot of fun. The haircut suits you, you look lovely.



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