Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I've decided I must blog more.

I was just reading some of my previous blog posts. Is that weird or vain?

Anyway I was and realised, not only did I not majorly suck at writing, but I realised, it was really nice to be able to revisit the stories of my life. Almost therapeutic.

For example, I was just reading the post where I was about a month away from doing placement in September last year, and during the lead up to placement's, performances, worship leading, assignments, exams, tests, and generally entering places or meeting people that I'm unfamiliar with, cause so much anxiety and worry in me. Even when I try to think about something else, or convince myself that I'm over thinking things or being ridiculous, it's like my body doesn't believe me and does things that make the anxiety even worse!

But rereading that post reminded be that almost a year has passed since that time. That I got through placement, I got through my exams and successfully completed my second year of uni, that mum is so much better.

It also became incredibly real to me that I am about to begin my final year of university. I should be graduating in less then six months, I may possibly, God-willing, have a job for next year as a Registered Nurse!

Boy am I... freaking the hell out!

Anyway, enough about that, my plan was to really create a space for a journal type thing, with help from my bestie Rach.

One thing that is very prominent in nursing is reflective practice journals. I never got the grasp of these journals and couldn't figure it out until someone explained it to me like this, "tell me how you felt during that time, instead of listing all the tasks you did".

So that's what I shall endeavour to do.

This week I have another two days of work, one day off to enjoy as my final day before uni and essentially the beginning of the rest of my life. I have to play piano for church on Sunday and I picked a song that needs a bit of help in vocals, thinking I may be able to contribute.

Pray for me that I stay sane, and not worry, pray for my voice, and that I can give praise to Jesus without being proud.


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