Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hello, it's probably not me you're looking for

Hello, I'm Rachel.

About a week ago I got a text from Kate asking me to be a writer on her blog.  I've always wanted to be a blogger, so without hesitation I said yes.

I've been considering since then what my first official post should be about, and inevitably I decided on introducing myself:

I'm a nerd.  Just an absolute dork.  This means I'm awkward.  About everything.  Kinda like a living, breathing oxymoron.  I love red lipstick, but would never EVER wear any.  I love to read novels, but find myself flicking through magazines way more than I should.  I love the Marvel cinematic universe (thanks to Hubby), but I have never picked up a comic book which, yes, makes me one of those annoying Marvel fans, the kind that no one likes to see show up at Comic Con coz all they really care about is RDJ and Chris Pratt.  I like to cross stitch (but haven't since 2013), love to colour (while eating lollies) and love to listen to music (you didn't hear this from me but sometimes me and Hubby binge watch Glee just for the songs.  And yes, the title of this blog is a terrible play on words, referencing a Lionel Richie song.  I am so, so sorry).  

I go to church.  Every Sunday.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I try to do good things for others as often as possible and be kind to one another, which either makes me sound like a "good Christian", or a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan.  I like to think that I'm both.

I have been married for three years.  Three amazing years.  There has never been a dull moment with Hubby and I often find myself wondering how the heck I got so lucky.  I think God was multi-tasking the day we met, because it was also the day I met my bestie, author of this very blog, Kate!

Last, but certainly not least, I'm a mummy.  I have been for a little over six months so still very new to the role.  However, it doesn't take long to fall in love with a job like this.  My daughter, Lou, is just the darn cutest wee thing.  Motherhood changes you (that's another post for another day) and I know this because I opened up a nappy last week and saw Lou's first ever solid poo, and I got excited.  Noone.  Not ever.  Gets excited about poop.  Unless they are a parent.

That's me.  You can expect lots of nerdy, churchy, wifey, mummy blog posts from me.  But don't be surprised if you find yourself reading a whole lot more.  In the meantime...

So nice to meet you,

xx Rach

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  1. Hi Rach, lovely to meet you. You sound like my kind of person :)


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