Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Vampire Diaries

Have you watched The Vampire Diaries???

It's my latest addiction.

I would say sorry but I'm not. It's actually has some pretty good story lines.

Though I do, unfortunately admit that I like Twilight, the books, not much of a fan of the movies though!

Vampires have been around in history for a very long time, whether it be your attraction for the undead, the seduction of a pretty face or your love of authority, which ever your reason for liking vampires, it's your own, even if you don't like vampires.

My reason for liking vampires is that they live forever, and imagine how much history you could see.

My reason is because you can see all the history first hand.

History is funny, though because at the time history is being made, most of the time we are unaware.

I'm sure that when Germany elected Hitler to lead their country they wouldn't have foreseen the history it was making.

Or that an assassination would lead to the great world war.

Or what an icon the Beatles would be when they started playing pubs in Liverpool.

But even so, it would still be pretty cool to say that you witnessed it.

There a those moments in history that you can remember where you were when it happened. Like September 11 2001, I remember being woken up by mum to come look at the tv, it was a school day, I was almost 11 and really didn't know the significance of the event that was unfolding, I just remember wishing the news would stop being on so I could watch 'home and away'. Two things I'm not very proud of.

I don't remember when Princess Diana died I wasn't yet 7 then.

Though I remember where I was when I heard of Heath Ledgers and Michael Jackson's death.

My love affair of history wont stop any time soon, just knowing something was made over 100 years ago amazes me!

I hope one day I'm able to go to England and see the rich history there, and most especially Rome, a place with over 2000 years of rich history. I would like to visit Egypt but for now I might put that destination off.

Do you remember any significant history making events in your life time? I'd love to hear them!

But for now, I'm going to watch some more Vampire Diaries and live vicariously through the history of the characters.

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