Friday, July 26, 2013

Thought I Should...

Thought I should write a post, considering I'm meant to be studying, seems like a great procrastination tool if you ask me.

Today is my slightly less full on day, I only have one 2 hour class, my nursing lab class, where we pretend we are in a hospital doing nurse like stuff.

Last session in these classes was really good at the start, we learnt how to take a manual blood pressure, with a sphygmomanometer, who came up with that word! Anyway we also learnt how to take BGL and do observations, and for the rest of session we basically just redid them every lesson.

But this semester is a step up, we are learning how to do an ISBAR handover. Which stands for, Identify, Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendations.

Every thing in nursing, whether it be writing nurses notes or how to hand over a patient to the next shift or calling a doctor to alert them to a situation with a patient can be daunting, so they create simply acronyms to help us do it.

Basic way to make sure we provide all information and is relevant to a handover or writing notes.

That was first lab class. Today we are learning how to wash people, so swimmers are needed, I'll let you know how that turns out. Also we are learning to feed and brush peoples teeth. So it should be an interesting class.

This is really important, considering in three weeks time we are going on placement for two weeks in a nursing home where we will be doing a lot of showering and helping people eat and observations. 

And suddenly I feel like I've forgotten everything I've learnt!

Well should get back to study.

I'll try and write something more interesting next time, but I'm pretty boring so probably not. :)

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