Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exam Time

It's almost exam time, and I'm flipping out!!!

I haven't done much study in my life before this, well hardly any, and all the time I studied it was kinda unhelpful, I never remembered it afterwards and didn't help my nerves when it came to test time.

I learn a lot through repetition, and recall for me builds confidence to know I've got it down pat, oh and teaching some one else, except S can get a bit tired of me talking, he's even started doing a dad and saying his listening but actually hasn't heard a word I've just said. Very annoying.

This is a short post because I should actually be hanging out the washing, cleaning the lounge room, cleaning the kitchen, making dinner (trying a meat free dinner tonight, veggie lasagne with left of lasagne sheets I have, may post about whether its an epic fail or good, never cooked with eggplant before!) oh and studying for the massive exam I have coming up!!!

I would like to ask for any study tips you have used that helped you prepare for tests. Any little tips that you used in high school or to get you through university!

I would really appreciate it if you had any tips!!!

Anyway, I hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Good Luck with your exams! And the eggplant- I can't stand it, but I have heard it makes nice lasagne :)

  2. I wrote myself little memory cards and would read them over and over.
    Good luck .

  3. I used to summarise my notes and then make summaries of them until I just had key words that I used to try to remember and build from there.
    Unfortunately, it's probably a little late to be looking for study tips - LOL. GOOD LUCK !!!
    Have the best day !

  4. Good luck with the exams! I hated exams...would get so anxious and forget things I'd learnt. But yeah, my studying technique was usually to summarise my notes and have key points and then go over the key points several times. Hopped over from IBOT!

  5. Gravel - 16 - always rewrites her notes she takes at school at least once a week. Seems to work for her. I always did better in exams at school if I didn't study! Go figure!

    MC x

  6. You'll do great, you always do! Can't give you any tips as I was not much of a studier in high school yet somehow I always managed to do fine, as you will. Good luck!


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