Tuesday, February 26, 2013


INTERNET!!! Oh how I've missed you! 

This year has been so hectic! I feel like I've barely had much time (since we got internet) to be able to sit down and write a post.

I feel like I summed it up a bit with my previous post about the wedding, I will show more photos though. I haven't actually had a chance to go back to Wollongong (where the photographer is) and have a preview of the photo album, but upon this meeting I will get my own copy of all the photos taken. But so far I will show the photos that I do have copies off. 

So tune in tomorrow for some really amazing photos from the great photographers over at anna blackman images.

So what's so special about today. Well I'll tell you, it has been raining since 12 today (4pm now) and for a full January and February thus far there has been a cumulative 1 minute of rain, so to say that I'm enjoying the rain is an understatement.

This week is O week, those who haven't ever been to uni, O week is the week before uni starts. So week 1 starts off semester, O week also, Orientation week. So you learn a lot about your classes, your teaches, you receive your timetable, find out about any help that's available to you etc.

Well thats all good and dandy, if I could find the correct information for O week, the timetable of O week they had on their website isn't the one that actually happens, and since I wasn't able to attend yesterday because of work, and I thought, because of the timetable that I didn't need to be there monday.

So I turned up an hr late to my first info session but caught up quickly.

Had lots of info chucked at us.

Most of all was our clinical placement.

So if I haven't mentioned already I'm about to undertake a Bachelor of Nursing, which is really excited to start, but am a bit over-whelmed with everything thats expected of us, and most of all the expenses.

It'll cost about 500 dollars for textbooks for this semester alone, thats if I can't find them cheaper anywhere else. I also have to pay for a my own uniform for clinical placements. Also on placement, because I am attending a rural university I may have to go on a placement that is a few hours away from here, which then I need to fund my travel there and back as well as find a place to stay, and not being from around here or having any family around here. I may end up having to stay at a hotel or pub for 2 weeks while I'm away on placement. Which doesn't sound appealing.

This ^^^ does not include the money that is covered by my hecs agreement with the government, so I will be paying about 2grand or more for each semester. Isn't uni fun!?!

My one dilemma is learning all the chemistry components. I took a science workshop last week that was run by the university. Which was amazing, I enjoyed it and received a lot of good information as well as a lot of scary information. Including this like we are moving in to the age of bacteria resistance. And you know why?! Because no one finishes there full course of anti-biotics that the doctor gives them, so essentially by not finishing it you kill of the weak bacteria, leave the stronger ones which have now been exposed to a small amount of the anti biotic and are able to evolve to the become resistant to that anti biotic.

Also that E.coli can be very dangerous, but is also found naturally inside your gut, it's only when the E.coli moves from inside you intestines to somewhere else does it become dangerous. E.coli is essentially for making Vitamin K which is the blood clotting agent in your blood. 

So I learnt lots of things in this two day workshop so I am excited for starting this course!

I wont bore you any more with all these things I've learnt, even though I think its pretty amazing!!! 

I hope you have all been well and I look forward to continuing this blog, and will be updating it a lot with interesting things I learn at uni. 

Oh and marriage is going pretty well, it sucks having to cook dinner all the time, I'm not a cook, I do not enjoy it and will be looking for fast, easy, somewhat healthy recipes in the near future.

Tune in tomorrow for some more wedding pics. I post all the pro ones I have to make sure you check that out. 

Until then, good morning, good evening and good night.

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  1. Science is fun! Also, you are more than welcome to the huge amounts of rain we are having in QLD, there is more than enough to share around.

  2. I am a very good girl and always, always finish my antibiotics!

  3. We finally had some rain today too - although now we have shifted back to hot, sticky and humid!
    Oh how I remember O week! Uni days were by far some of the best years of my life
    Enjoy the adventures that lie ahead xx
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  4. Good luck with Uni! A lot of new things are waiting for you this year! It's exciting!

  5. Yay for nursing! I always wanted to go down that route but never did. Maybe one day I will :)
    I had heard that about the antibiotics! Pretty scary stuff


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