Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thirty by 30

Seeing as I am 24 in about 2 months time, I didn't think that 14 months was long enough to do all the things on my list with everything thats going on, and theres some that I have already completed so I'll be including some but not others! So I'm changing my list all together because I don't really like some of the ones that were on the old list haha.

So here goes nothing...

1. Graduate with a Distinction
2. Complete FLEC certificate
3. Specialise in ICU/A&E or Surgery (haven't quite decided yet)
4. Write a research paper
5. Complete a certificate in counselling
6. Buy a house
7. Further my AUSLAN study
8. Learn a language (Russian or French)
9. Read 200 books
10. Read the OT and NT of the bible
11. Read all the books on my shelf!
12. Own all the F.R.I.E.N.D.S dvds (almost there, only need seasons 3 and 4 to complete my collection!)
13. Travel to the UK
14. Travel around Australia
15. Use up all my left over wool!
16. Make a Quilt!
17. Buy a sewing machine for said Quilt
18. Develop my own pattern
19. Make enough scarves and beanies to open a stall at a market!
20. Develop a craft storage system that works! (cue pinterest)
21. Give up chocolate/fast food for a whole year!
22. Run 10km
23. Run 10km in 60 minutes
24. Own a Garmin GPS watch
25. Blog every day for a month
26. Get better at meal planning and cooking at home!
27. Improve cooking skills, incorporate some vegetarian dishes (need recipes for that one!)
28. Be more disciplined/on top of house and uni work!
29. Learn to be a morning person!
30. Have a baby
At the heart of it all.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" -Larry Elder

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