Friday, March 21, 2014

Being Me

Sometimes when I approach a blog I think about how well my writing will be, whether it'll be interesting enough, if anyone will read it, will it be coherent.

Lots of things flowing through my brain about the whether or not it's worth writing a most, but along the way I'll read another blog encouraging me to write for me and only me and not for popularity and be myself.

So as for the whether or not my post's will be coherent is up in the air and I will try, but I am a very non-coherent person.

I'm chopping and changing conversation constantly and S is always telling me to stop and give him a bit of contexts because he can't read my mind and doesn't know where I'm up too.

So as I write this it's 11 o'clock at night, the AFL is on in the back ground (yes I said AFL...) and I'm tired. It has been a long week.

Uni is getting more and more stressful and I'm definitely treading water right now.

Not only do I have uni, where in the next two weeks I'll have more then half of the assignments for this marks and will also determine my future as a nurse, I also have work.

Getting lots of extra shifts working front till and in bench at the pharmacy as well as the my regular weekly day of webster packing, that alone is tiring, just learning all this new information on top of uni, luckily they kind of go together, as I am learning medications which helps working at a pharmacy.

The campsite S and I did our internship at and where we really met for the first time, runs an Easter Camp every second year, and this year, S and I are organising it, which is creeping up on us and I don't know where to look when I've got so much other stuff going on.

Not only am I organising a camp I am also a youth leader at my church and sing in the band some sundays, this sunday included and I'm ALWAYS nervous about getting up to sing because I'm not all that confident with my ability to sing, but we also have a youth led service next sunday that we need to organise.

So life is pretty busy at the moment. 

But although when I look into the future and make a list of all the todo things, I feel an odd calmness and ability to succeed, (minus the singing, I'll never feel like I can succeed at that) I know God is in control, that after this month it will calm down a little and I can hunker down and concentrate on uni and study.

I desperately want to be graduating uni at the end of next year! Praying everyday for a renewed energy to take on the tasks at hand. Just have to stop knitting!!!

Hope your life isn't as hectic and you have a great weekend, I'm working on uni assignments and study, what's on your agenda?

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  1. Yes, write for you. The people that will stick to your blog will love you for it. We want to know you!!


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