Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reality Show

So the other night while having family night, my sister Amy arrives and quickly rushes off to another room.............. why do I add this moment? I shall tell you very soon.

One thing about our family is that we enjoy to sing every now and then, whether seriously or for the hell of it, well this special family night was no different.

Usually when one us will hear a phrase that someone has said and it reminds us of a song, so we rattle of that one line and then the song ends there....

And then you get those moments where everybody just feels like singing and joining in.

This one special song was 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen, it started with one line, solitary and not thought much of, until someone decides to sing the next line, then the next line is picked up by another singer, and the chorus ensues, the harmony weaves itself in there, then comes the head banging.

This is where we laugh and get on with making dinner.

Now back to my sister Amy, she walks back into the room, after hearing our excellent, most random performance you can think of, and says, "I swear sometimes you'd think our family were on a reality t.v. show".

The End.

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